9/23/2015 – One Year Later


You’d be forgiven for thinking I’d forgotten about this site. (Although if you’re here now and have been before, you’ve probably noticed the new site style, and possibly even spotted that the site now redirects to ahlgrenart.wordpress.com.)

What have I been up to?

Working, mostly. While I’ve made a few things arts-wise, I’ve been giving nearly all my energy to a full-time day job. I’m paying the bills and pulling my weight, but have unfortunately had to put what I consider to be my “real work” on the back burner.

Today should be the day to bring back the Thing-A-Day Challenge. Even when working full time, I could get myself to muster up something quick each day, and benefit from the effort.

Trouble is, we’re moving again. We’ll be out of the apartment by the end of the month, and back into the basement of Schenn’s father’s house. Any remaining mental energy and time I have available needs to be focused on packing and preparing for the move.

There are pros and cons to the housing situation, but I’m trying to focus on the positives, primarily that I will once again have access to the fine little room which was previously my studio/shrine/sanctuary. I’ll have much more available space than my art-closet could provide, and I’ll again be with the mural I painted back in 2012.

Today’s the day, but not the time. The stars are right, but I’m not ready. I had to do SOMETHING, hence this post – but what next?

I’ve got images from the past year to post. I’ve got ideas for future work which could some day replace my minimum wage day job, if I only put in the time and energy to follow them. I don’t think a simple blog post a day is too much to ask of myself.

I’m tired, but I need to do it anyway. I do it in the hope that someday I won’t have to be so tired anymore, because I will have climbed and dug my way into a niche that suits me, making a living with the work that energizes rather than drains me.


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