A string of expletives was unleashed this morning as I realized I’d forgotten to post yesterday’s work. With much shame the ahlgrenart challenge suffers its first slip-up, two days before the six-month mark. I previously decided to take the weekends off but I’m posting today to make up for yesterday’s missing work, and to talk a bit about what I’ve been working on.

I didn’t neglect the core of the challenge, which is to create daily – in fact I was in experimental mode and full studio spirit, completely absorbed with a new material. If you haven’t figured out what these strange images are of, it’s wax: chaotic fluid forms frozen in cold water, translucent or inky, slick and organic.


Macro photos of the wax are unsettling, and that’s not just the glistening fleshlike translucency. The viewer gets a single close glimpse of a thing he cannot recognize, something slimy and strange just inches from his face.


While making and photographing the wax forms, I’ve also been mirroring suitable photos for use in Emergence-style composites.


This image sent me back to these character concept sculpts from January.



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